R.I.P. Ginger

This afternoon, a few weeks past her 14th birthday,

Ginger passed away.


Ginger – June, 2013

She was born in September 2001, a few weeks before her father (Brandy) died suddenly, just short of 13 years of age.


Ginger – June, 2013

Between them I have spent 27 years in the company of

the most faithful dogs I have ever owned.


Ginger – December, 2014

RIP my little friend.



Brandy and me, circa January 1989.



33 thoughts on “R.I.P. Ginger

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      • We went shopping to a suitable plant to mark her grave yesterday and came home with a Grevillia Jelly Baby (it’s on Google) and planted it this morning. On Friday morning, when Maggie was let off the first thing she did was visit Ginger’s kennel and the her grave, giving both a work over with her nose. The hardest part is that we thought Ginger would have the longest life. Sadly…not to be. In hindsight she has been ill for some time and changes in her habits we put down to age….which I guess they were.


  2. So sorry to hear that. My parents dog Abbey has just been put down too. My father was so upset. She went everywhere with them. Even when I visited them I found myself looking for her and wondering why it was so quiet. They are your children and a part of you goes with them. Take care.


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