Help Please!

I was very tempted to place this in the Odd Ball post this week but decided to keep it a special post instead.

Last week MGW decided that we are going to visit Europe in 2016.  A travel agent has recommended a hotel in London which has a tariff of around $AUD600 per night…which is waaaayyyy to rich for our pockets.  We are planning 3 nights in London prior to crossing the Channel…three times 600 equals an economy return airfare from Australia to just about anywhere in the world.

If anyone can recommend a good inexpensive hotel/accommodation in London it would be very much appreciated.  Or even pass on a comment regarding an area.

We have spent the weekend searching for accommodation and were wondering what the Waterloo area was like.

During my 1976 visit I stayed at the Walkabout Club, somewhere near Hyde Park.

I was single, didn’t mind bunking in with like-minded single Aussies and have a few amusing memories from my nights there and at a nearby B&B.

I just don’t understand why MGW does not see the value in that style  of accommodation 😉

An email to will find me or simply add a comment here.  I have not read a post of this ilk on any other blogs so hope this is not an inappropriate use of Social Media.

Thank you in anticipation of at least some replies.

Travel Theme-Intense




Travel Theme.


This scene attracted my attention, a few weeks ago.

clouds_7650-bHowever I needed to intensify the blueness of the sky

to enhance the clouds.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Intense