WordPress Editor



Last night my WordPress Editor switched to the Gutenberg Editor.

Can anyone please help me …with simple steps/instructions

disable Gutenberg and return to the classic editor.


I fear it may be the end of my blogging days if cannot return

to the tried and true Classic Editor. 



8 thoughts on “WordPress Editor

  1. I hate the Gutenberg editor as well. On my administrative page, I hit view all drafts, and from there it gives me the option of using the classic editor. I’m not sure if that would work for you or not.


    • Thank you. I think i have stumbled across the cure as awkwardly as I created the problem. I felt it was a bad mouse click that caused my problem and fortunately since posting my Help post I notice in the Top Left Hand corner (on Posts page) an ‘ADD’ button alongside the word ‘Posts’. Clicking on that gave me the option of adding a Classic or Gutenberg editor. One click on Classic and problem resolved. Thank you for your idea . 🙂

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