We won this bottle of wine playing trivia

on the coach in  Europe.

Only problem was that neither of us drink alcohol

 and would not have any idea

if 2015 vintage was a good year or not.

These two vehicles would both be vintage age…



…that is, over 50 years old.

When I stated, on a Facebook Selling page,

that this vase, based on the 1978 sticker in the lid,

was heading towards vintage status;

I received a real tongue lashing from another Facebook user.

The interesting part was that the said expert

had been employed in a sting of jobs

dealing with the public, counselling, real estate,

and so on.

Keep asking myself why there was

such  a long list of jobs?  😉

Any Ideas??




Hugh’s Views & News: 




Can you imagine what it must have been like to be ordered…

out of the relative safety of trenches at Bullecourt

to march towards the German army lines…

…all the while knowing that German machine gun posts

were set up so that they could cut down

enemy soldiers marching up this rise.

Three or four attempts were made to reach the German lines

before the English officers allowed

Australian troops to protect themselves,

take cover etc while trying to advance..

Can you imagine the carnage?

It brings tears to my eyes every time I try.

The paddock was so peaceful and calm.

Millions of lives have been lost because of politics.

I pray it does not happen again.


Word of the Day Challenge: Imagine






My hands were shaking so much when these…

… lost Painted Wild Dogs ventured into our camp

looking for their mates, that this was

the best photo I managed.

Their mates had been chasing a water-buck,

no more than 40 metres from our camp.

Apparently they hunt in pairs and in relay.

These two (there was a pair)

had arrived for the batten change

after the other runners had passed.

We had the thrill of seeing them so close.