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Time Will Tell 

(Button Jar  #2)


Fiona McCallum

Still small town Wattle Creek, Time Will Tell picks up where Saving Grace left off.  In fact both books only cover a period of about two months.

Emily struggles financially as she was bullied into signing a less than desirable financial settlement by husband John.  She regrets not consulting a lawyer and then repeats the same, or similar, mistake several more times.  In fact those times I found her decision making extremely frustrating.

Before the demise of her marriage, Emily had dreamed of opening a B&B in a small stone cottage on the farm, until John razed it to the ground.  This dream continued with her new home; however she was only renting, struggling and worrying about her finances, or lack thereof.

An option to purchase her rental, on good terms, was too good to pass and all seemed to be looking up, until….

Tragedy and a new love develop roughly, very roughly, about the same time.  Will the new love work out?  Only time will tell.

Again Narrator Jennifer Vuletic is to be showered with kudos for her narration and her character voices which aids greatly in identifying each character and therefore, the overall enjoyment of Time Will Tell.

Time Will Tell is book two of the Button Jar Trilogy and, therefore, is not my first nor will it be my last review of Fiona McCallum’s offerings.

If you enjoy Australian fiction, you will enjoy Fiona McCallum’s work.

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