Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Black-and-White



Blacks and Whites today.

I probably have no taste in art at all but l like this

Spiderweb in Canola Crop image…

particularly the BW version.

Too busy?  Or about right?

Another I like.




There must be another name for

Red Hot Poker,

but it’s too hot to search.

This looks so refreshing.







We are not sure how or when Candi became

possessed with playing fetch using a rope.

However, the rope it is and not a ball….

at least not with the same enthusiasm.

 Above she has a determined look in her eye

as she follows the rope’s trajectory.

A leap, a well-timed grab

and it’s all hers.

Previous photo cropped to show rope

firmly in Candi’s grasp.


Returning to earth!  🙂 

For the record these are a sequence of photos,

commencing with 0079, 0080, 0081(x2) finally 0082.


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