I know I have posted some of

these shots very recently.

However, I don’t think we ever saw…



…dear departed Maggie looking more forlorn

than she did on this day covered in dirt

from her foray into the garden somewhere.

It was the only time she ever looked as dirty.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Forlorn




The Butterfly Gardens…1Victoria…

Vancouver Island…

British Columbia…


I think the Butterfly Gardens are

an and ideal addition to your

Butchart Gardens visit.

Situated about 5-10 minutes by bus from Butchart Gardens

the Butterfly Gardens provide a different experience.

Also a half hour or so is all that is required

to wander the comparatively small Butterfly Gardens.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday







While at dinner in Vienna I received a tap on my shoulder

and realized that I was being asked to dance.

It took a few shuffles of a very small dancing area

to realise my partner did not speak English…

well not the Australian version…

and I could not speak any other European language

other than some French.

Still we enjoyed five minutes or so

of dancing during which I managed

to avoid my partner’s toes.


She must have appreciated this fact, as…

a few minutes after we parted ways she returned

with this certificate from the Vienna Waltz Academy.

Well alright, alright….everyone who danced received one.   🙂

I must try to translate the text one day.



Word of the Day Challenge: Waltzing