Cee’s Black and White Challenge-Unusual-Perspectives



Random shots again this week.

A couple of years ago after swinging wide in our drive

I had cause to photograph my car from this angle.

Plastic vs concrete?

  No prizes for guessing which comes off second best.

Breakfast time in the garden.



My photos invariably end up back in Africa.

I had never seen a tusk so close

prior to our visit to Elephant Whispers.

Nor had I sighted the teeth either.









A young Maggie did not show much intelligence

when she licked up all MGW’s stale cooking sherry

after it was tipped out.

She slept it off in a very sound sleep.



About twelve months ago the vet decreed Taji overweight.

Suggestion…buy her something to slow down her eating,

such as a kong.

Didn’t take her long to work out how;

a) to get here food out of said kong, and

b) how to get it out quickly.


Word of the Day Challenge: Intelligence