Travel Theme-Harmony




Travel Theme.


pets_0156Two of our younger pooches in harmony all the time.


Surfers in harmony


In harmony again.

DC Photography

You may have noticed a lack of bedding in the previous photo.

This photo may explain why.

It has been a battle to keep any bedding anywhere

except where these two drop it.

Not a harmonious relationship.


 One pooch not in harmony with the rest of the gang.


A filter and some shading and the sky looks

anything but harmonious with the rest of the world.


Where’s My Backpack: Harmony




8 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Harmony

    • I know what you mean. I have missed out on a lot of that behaviour as my farm dogs did not stay around the back door for very long. Having dogs at the back door presents a whole range of problems I find. Although MGW said she used to come home from work and replant the garden (before I came home) after our first Labrador (Jessie) had dug it up. I am now only realising how nice it was to have mature pets around us. 🙂

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    • The bedding and anything else. For example, we do not have town sewerage and havae a water treatment plant installed, whioch for the past nearly eleven years has worked well. Treated water gets sprinkled onto a 300 square metre garden bed. We have about 50 uprights of polythene pipe each of which has a ‘wobbler’/sprinkler to disperse treated water. These wobblers were worth about $5 each several years ago. Today I think nearly 30 of them need to be replaced…and it is not worth replacing them now as I have already replaced one only to see it chewed severely within 48 hours. Woof is right 😀

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