When Candi is in this mood…

…Taji (Labrador) retires to the shade of

our trampoline and simply observes.

The thought of running more than 50 metres

is enough to exhaust any Labrador.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:   Speed



Book Review-The-Red-Earth

This Red Earth


Kim Kelly

This Red Earth commences at the outbreak of, and during World War II.   In reality it is a story of a wartime romance in which we follow Bernadette’s (Bernie) and Gordon’s romance.  Their relationship and the war-time stresses it endures are central to the plot.

Gordon endeavours to avoid the conflict by finding a geologist’s job which sees him in Rabaul, while Bernie is at home trying to keep herself in work.  The long distance romance suffers when mail does not reach the recipient which draws conclusions, incorrectly, that love has fizzled out.

There are several reasons why I enjoyed This Red Earth. In no particular order they are; the era in which it was set; the main plot; it gave an insight into the lives of migrants and how they were treated during that conflict. Finally This Red Earth was a reasonably well paced story.

Most audiobooks tend to have one narrator reading the lines of both genders.  This Red Earth, consisted of two fairly distinct story lines used a male and female narrator.  Listeners are left in no doubt as to which or whose, story they are listening to.  Good narrators are the backbone of any novel in my opinion.

I think

This Red Earth

is a


At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

This Red Earth

 an average of 4.16 stars from

63 ratings and 15 reviews

This Red Earth

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relating to or resembling the stars.

As far as an astral photo was concerned

the first thing I thought of was the moon.

However, the moon is considered to be

a dead rock that only reflects the sun.

It does have an astral body

but life left it a long time ago.




My Nikon D90 captured this image

using a Sigma 50-500mm lens

Focal length: 500mm

Exposure: 1/500

Apperture: f/6.3

ISO: 400


My spelling of ‘apperture’ is considered

to be archaic by Wiktionary,

while other web-based spell checkers

are happy with the double ‘p’.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Astral