Taupo Gardens…12

The second and last post from

Waipahihi Botanical Gardens

which overlook Lake Taupo.

These gardens are physically larger

and have a one or two kilometre

paved road on which to drive .



Completing this drive around

Waipahihi Botanical Gardens

with one of many rhododendrons sighted.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday








Not From the Pub Wall…

But I did have a series of translation

errors come via Facebook

Translating from one language to another is

very difficult at the best of times. 


Can’t beat Google,

except in this instance apparently.


If the image is yours my apologies for

not seeking permission to use it. 

It is on my Facebook feed so

I assume everyone has seen it.


Friday Follies19-04-S3-Ep-5

This challenge hosted by Proscenium