Jo’s Monday Walk2017-Wk-09


Last week we had just arrived at…


the Cuckoo Clock factory.


A short walk found us at the main building,

which was designed as a huge cuckoo clock…


 with figurines waltzing around the balcony

to mark the hour of the day.



Although photos do not do it justice, I thought

the best part was being able to see

what happens behinds the scenes.


We were given a short talk about cuckoo clocks,

which are all made from Black Forest wood, I believe…


and shown various types of clocks…


The clocks were beautiful, however…


being hand-made many had price tag reflecting

the number of hours it took

to create this work of art.

rhineland_cuckoo_0089As we left the factory we reminded how far were from home.

The pointer above Shanghai points to Sydney some 16,606 kilometres.

Add another 878km via the inland route (8 hours drive),

or 1,380km along the coast road (18 hours drive) to that journey

for those of us who live in or near Melbourne.

Thank goodness for air travel.


So!  After all that looking, listening and photographing,

in congenial surroundings, it was time…


for a slice of Black Forest cake

before continuing on our journey.



Jo’s Monday Walk

7 thoughts on “Jo’s-Monday-Walk2017-Wk09_Rhineland-2

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  2. What a superb factory, Woolly! I’d like a waltz round there myself. And cake too 🙂 I’m a bit out of sync this week- just back from Florence this evening. Thank you!


    • I’m envious of you being so close to Florence. There is so much we did not see in every city in Europe…16000 km. I’m preparing for a quick trip to France, Western Front, this year and it’s an awful lot of for a short period of time.


      • Know what you mean. Many of our stops were for only a few ours, but at what were main attractions in the town/city. Even most of our ‘free’ days had an organised component to them which kinda of put paid to any day trips we may have wanted to do, or palaces we wanted to visit. I guess we could have declined the on offer trip and done our own thing. However it seemed easier to stick with a group.

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