Weekly Photo Challenge-Shadow



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Shadows from near and far.


Take off at Maun airport. Botswana.


I love the picture ‘painted’ on the roof of this Geelong church.

Even more so now that the tree has been removed.

fisherman_4380And while technically a silhouette, the near side of

this fisherman was indeed in shaded by the morning sun.




Floral Friday17-0210_Engelberg


Floral Friday Challenge.


While in Lucerne, last September,

we took a drive to Engelberg

to visit a small tourist farm.

engelberg_switzerland_0324Once at the farm we were split into groups

for a two-horse power city exploration drive.

Although these are not high quality photos…

engelberg_switzerland_0357they do give an idea…

engelberg_switzerland_0364of the beauty of Engelberg.


All to soon our ride was over

and we headed back to the farm.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday