Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Wood


My contribution for this week’s



Still on the Surf Coast and at Point Lonsdale.

The planets appear to have aligned for me this week. 🙂

The pier at Point Lonsdale does not appear

to have regular traffic which moors there..

In reality I think only a small boat could use it.

I did not realise this was just a shelter,

when visiting on Monday.

I only ventured out about half to two-thirds of the way.

The wind was so strong it nearly blew

my tripod and camera over.

My view back along the wooden pier.

This was my reason for going to Point Lonsdale…

a sunrise.

Had to brighten this image a bit to lighten the pier.

Forgot to add that I was focusing on the

‘Wood’ part of this week’s challenge.





Wordless Wednesday17_3103_Point-Lonsdale

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Point Lonsdale.

Almost wordless this week.


if you wish to read…


more about these photos ….


Click anywhere along here.

All information is on my BW Tuesday post.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Weekly Photo Challenge-Dense



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



When we visited the Trevi Fountain…
I did not expect the crowd to be as dense as it was.

t was impossible to gain a viewing spot in

the top right of this shot…in front of the fountain.

Likewise I have never seen streets as

densely packed with tourists, presumably,

as in some of the streets of Rome.



Black and White Tuesday17-0328_


Black and White Tuesday

 March 28 2017



Still down on Victoria’s Surf Coast,

but at Point Lonsdale this week.

Point Lonsdale is on the Western side of

what is known as The Heads…

Port Philip Bay’s only entry/exit to Bass Strait.

There is also another name used to describe

this entrance/exit…The Rip.

The Rip is a triangular area of water between

Point Nepean, Shortlands Bluff and Point Lonsdale.

Although the distance between

Point Lonsdale and Point Nepean is 3.5 km

there is only about 1 km which is navigable.

Due to rocky reefs and shoals the ocean floor

varies from less than 5 metres to 100 metres deep.

This reef is about 200 metres off shore.

Point Lonsdale pier with Point Nepean in the right background.

Again Point Nepean just visible on the right horizon.

And finally, this was my target for the morning.

The Point Lonsdale lighthouse reflecting the rising sun.

The cloud bank was mad to order and moving so quickly

that I only had a few minutes to capture this.

Between, and below, the two smaller buildings is a concrete

bunker/pill-box built for World War 1.

It is through the dark rectangle in this wall

that MGW and I  had to haul a table, chairs,

decorations, food, candles and so on,

so Number 2 Son could propose to his girlfriend.

AND just for the record I have a 25 foot extension ladder

which had to be extended 3-4 feet to make

it safe to climb up the required 10-12 feet to enter.



Hope you enjoyed.



Travel Theme-Over




Travel Theme.


Decided to stay with my surfing theme this week…

and present some board rides which were definitely over.

Although still almost vertical, the facial expression says it all.

The next shot was of surging white caps

and no sign of a surfer, or board.

Could not recover from this one, or…

this ride on Monday, March 27, 2017.

Earlier in the morning I had driven an hour

to capture the sunrise reflection on the light house.

This is not the pick of the morning’s images

but it is certainly the best with the rainbow

over the light house.

As with all of mother nature’s splendour,

it only lasted minutes.


Where’s My Backpack: Over






Week 80


A couple out for a stroll along the sand near the

Twelve Apostles along Victoria’s

South West Coast line…

Both appear to be fairly tall…

if not above average height.


In this context however,

they are tiny.


Pic and Word Challenge: 80 Context



Jo’s Monday Walk2017-Wk-13


Last week I left this journey as we reached

the end of our train trip at almost the top of

Mt Rigi, in Switzerland.

This week I have jumped to the very top of Mt Rigi…

mainly because the walk up was leaving me

a little breathless, although it was nice

to see some of the younger generations

fall behind me…

 Mt Rigi is almost surrounded by three lakes; namely,

Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug and Lake Lauerz.

After a few minutes at the top it was time to retrace our steps…

which I though would be a slower journey

as my knees do no like walking down stairs/hills etc.

It was slower, but it also gave me time to take a few shots.

About half way and still well above the kiosk, on the right,

with the train terminal further down in the middle background.

Mt Rigi kiosk.

This group is just beginning their trek up to the pinnacle…

while we had jostled for our seats on the train

before departing Mt Rigi for a comfortable cruise,

on Lake Lucerne, back to Lucerne.



Jo’s Monday Walk

Book Review-Cut-To-The-Bone


Cut To The Bone 


Alex Caan

Cut to the Bone, written by Alex Caan, deals with all things ranging from an apparent abduction, kidnapping, Vlogging (video blogging), social media and how teens or young adults mange to converse happily expose their lives to a faceless online community.

While in pursuit of a hobby which provides a source of income a young girl is abducted.  It is here that we see how vulnerable the young are and how they can groom and be groomed, by a friend, or fan pretending to being someone else in an on-line persona.

The involvement of a multi-national company to financially support vloggers contributes to the plot when the vlogger discovers that sponsors often do not share the same ideals as young bloggers.

As I have often stated the narrator can make or break an audio book.

In this instance I thought Imogen Church injected life into each of the characters in Cut to the Bone, especially the male characters. Doubtless, not everyone will agree with my assessment.


A definite three star read.

Goodreads readers have rated

Cut to the Bone

an average of 3.76 stars from 395 ratings and 108 reviews

Image result for cut to the bone

Cut to the Bone

can be purchased on-line at 

Fishpond, Booktopia and Amazon

Read in 2017

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-13


Odd Ball

Week 13, 2017


In my view these a creepy photos, however,

I am sure there are those who will disagree.

Not the greatest photo but it gives an idea

of what ‘getting ready for lunch’ means.

A wrapped meal.

Morning sun has made these images…

in my opinion.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-13










Black and White Challenge:



I may have stretched the G and H

connection this week.

However, all photos were taken in…

the Grand Hotel, La Pace, Naples.

The grandeur of the hotel is first seen as guests walk in the door.


This beautiful table sits in the middle of the foyer….

and after one admires the table

your eyes follow the line of the staircase

and eventually come to rest on this chandelier.


After climbing the staircase there is an

easy view into the chandelier.

It definitely deserves the title

Grand Hotel.

The Grand Hotel also featured in this week’s

Floral Friday  post


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Letters-G-or-H