Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Nature-Animals


My contribution for this week’s

Nature and Animals



Only realised today that I had not created a Fun Foto challenge although in hindsight most of those created, this week, were related to nature and/or animals.


This big bloke was just telling us to move on.


Part of a family group which had come down to Olifants River to drink and continued with a cool splash in the shallows.



Our first kudu sighting in Kruger Park

elephant_0652I see on Facebook, last week, that the first elephant has been shot by poachers, in Kruger Park, for ten years.


55 mm

Sad to think that one like this may not be around for the next group of travellers.



Like many tired mum’s, Limpy is roaring at her kids…took them a few days before they turned up for us.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Nature&Animals





6 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Nature-Animals

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  2. Wow, amazing photos … never seen an alive elephant – not even on a zoo, but I don’t like zoos! How can anyone kill animals like this … unreal – and for money and fun only. Shocking.
    Thanks a million for the visit & plingback!


    • They are the most gentle and intelligent animal I have ever seen and I love them more after seeing them in the wild. And like you how anyone can kill them is beyond me. It’s not even a contest these days due to the size of rifles/guns used.


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