Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Dirt-Rocks-Sand-Trails


My contribution for this week’s

Dirt, Rocks, Sand, Trails



The photos for this week are again all from South Africa and some are

‘mobile’ photos (shot from a moving vehicle) and may not be my best.


Let’s get the sand out of the way….

 Sand tops my ‘least liked’ list, but it does help create… Sand_0757

a nice photo every now and again.


The scary part of this cairn was the distance it was above, or from water.

Many of the Rest Camps also used a stone formation similar to this to announce their existence.

Rocks like these made me feel almost at home.


Mostly the stone around my home town is volcanic lava flows.
rocks_0742Just love this formation.

I would love to be able to go back in time and then fast forward and watch this form.



Many of our tracks/roads twisted….

and turned.
track_0511If we stopped we would often find animal tracks similar to these hippo tracks.

track_0357Then over a rise in the road…

track_0099surprises like this.

track_0099AWhat fascinate me about African animals was that a vehicle posed no threat to them.  This is a crop of the above shot, but many time we were able to drive to within slingshot distance from animals.  Poachers must have a field day!  It would not even be half a challenge to shot a wild animal with modern weapons at everyone’s disposal.  Apologies for my rant…I love the animals.

track_0425A reality check…I have NEVER seen a snake track that size before.

If I my tracking skills (oR memory)  are not as good as I think they are please let me know and I will amend.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Dirt-Rocks-Sand-Tracks