MY play things are…

Reading…purely for enjoyment.


Keeping up with new technology…again

these days, purely for enjoymnt

and keeping the grey matter active.



And as long as no-one is going to complain

about a few rough edges here and there,

building useful things like dog kennels is fun.

Dear old Maggie was not destined to have

a new kennel until we saw how bad

her kennel looked among the neighbours’.

She was also giving us a

not so subtle hint here I think.


And of course the best is last.   🙂


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge:  My-Play

4 thoughts on “Cee’s-Hunt4Joy-My-Toys

    • Cloose. It is my D90 Nikon and my Sigma 50-500mm Lens…also known as the Bigma (Google Bigma Lens) due to its weight. On the Nikon DX (Cropped sensor) Cameras a 500mm lens is the equivalent to a 750mm lens on a 35mm camera.


      • It is aa handy lens, however, users should undertake a gym program prior to using it. At 1.8 kilograms, lens only, it’s a heavy but worthwhile addition. The only problem I find with my two Sigma lenses (the other being an 18-250mm) is what I call ‘lens drop’. Both lenses drop out to maximum zoom when carrying the camera without supporting the lens. There is a switch to hold the lens in place, however, is is difficult to engage….or maybe that has something to do with my temperament. 🙂 Other than that minor grumble , I love my 50-500 Sigma.

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