Five or six years ago…

…I used to feed bread to some magpies, each day.

Then Taji came on the scene and

bread was no longer for the birds.


Then there was this bloke feeding chips to the birds.

He was causing…


…chaos and mayhem among his seagull customers.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  For-the-Birds


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Hats



~~~~~One of the volunteer hats used at

the 2006 Melbourne

Commonwealth Games


As I was a volunteer I also had a similar uniform.



A school cap.

Similar caps are also used in a cricket game.


This type of hat is also used

to keep the sun away.


This helmet would not be used anymore

as several years ago,

a ball hit a batsman just behind the ear guard

and he died almost immediately.

Helmets were re-designed after that incident.



Yours truly with his new Akubra hat and new pup.

Brandy would come to be known as

my $6,000,000 dog.