For its animals Africa is by far our

favourite destination for a holiday.

 To see these gentle giants in their natural environment…



…and at times relatively up close and personal,

makes for a wonderful experience.


However, upon seeing this sight at any foreign airport

is the most heartwarming feeling of all.


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Scream Blue Murder

(Mike Lynch #1)


Tony J. Forder

Scream Blue Murder is the first of the Mike Lynch books by Tony J. Forder and the first Forder has written in the first person.  Generally I avoid ‘first person’ books like the plague, however, as I write this review I have nearly finished the second Mike Lynch book.

Mike Lynch is ex military, divorced and has one daughter who lives with her mother and step-father in California.

One cold English night, Mike because of traffic accident detour finds himself on a lonely back road where he pulls over to answer the call of nature.   In a few minutes another car pulls over.  Two men alight, one kneels and is executed by the second.   Anymore information will contain too many spoilers.  Well worth a read if you are into this genre

From there on the book could be described as a helter skelter fast paced series of chases and shootouts with various bad guys.  If not for the help of an old military mate Mike would probably not have survived.

I thoroughly enjoyed fast pace of Scream Blue Murder.  

I rated

Scream Blue Murder

Scream Blue Murder

as a solid


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Scream Blue Murder

an average of 4.18 stars,

from 355 ratings

and 56 reviews.

Scream Blue Murder

can be purchased online at

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