Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Things-People-Drive


We did not get to fly in this plane…

but it was at our accommodation the night before…

our Muddy River Safari in Canada.

After a hearty breakfast it was all aboard.

We won’t forget this trip in a hurry as it was here while having

our life jackets fitted that MGW discovered a familiar face doing the fitting. 

A former pupil at the school where she works.

A day or two later we were off on an evening hayride at Banff.

Followed by a more comfortable mode of transport for two days. 

Who has never ever wanted to drive a train??  🙂








6 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Things-People-Drive

      • All Canadians had to have first opportunity (a good idea) at any job…employment agencies would/could not help foreigners find job….if I found one on my own I could only be employed if there were no Canadians able to fill that position….all good ideas from a National point of view. Frustrating for a young Aussie hoping tot work his way through Canada. 🙂 This year our Canadian Tour Guide told me that employers preferred Australians (maybe foreigners) because they could not go home at the weekend, party and not return on Monday. Apparently been that way since the early 80s….just after my visit.

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