I have this photo filed in a folder titled DUD BnB.

No 2 Son had booked a nice looking 5 bedroom house

for us to spend four nights until returning to Australia.

Our first obstacle was a 40-50 foot drop in the driveway,

which we overcame.

However, I was surprised when suggested I

keep my footwear on my feet…

I followed him upstairs only to find

all sorts of stains on the carpets.  

More surprises were in the kitchen cupboards and fridge

in the form of rotting food.  

While No. 2 Son was conversing with the owner,

Daughter-in-Law was busy organising an alternative Air BnB for us.

 Fortunately Air BnB refunded our money.  

I can only think they were as surprised and disappointed

as we were when they viewed this and other photos