King Alfred Daffodils.

…lurking in our garden.





I discovered these photos…

of our

Silver Cloud Agapanthus

while preparing my Clouds post.


Too good an opportunity

to pass up for FOTD.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Things-People-Drive


We did not get to fly in this plane…

but it was at our accommodation the night before…

our Muddy River Safari in Canada.

After a hearty breakfast it was all aboard.

We won’t forget this trip in a hurry as it was here while having

our life jackets fitted that MGW discovered a familiar face doing the fitting. 

A former pupil at the school where she works.

A day or two later we were off on an evening hayride at Banff.

Followed by a more comfortable mode of transport for two days. 

Who has never ever wanted to drive a train??  🙂










In a few months paddocks/fields around here…

and all over Western Victoria will be painted yellow…

as this years canola crops begin to bloom.


Below another version of field.

And within a few weeks crickets fields around Victoria

will be spotted with players dressed

in their traditional whites.

One side bats while he other side bowls and fields.

This young  player is about to field a ball hit by a batter.