Floral Friday18-Oct12


Floral Friday Challenge.


Butchart Gardens…10This week back at Buchart Gardens but featuring

the Dragon Fountain…

was presented to Butchart Gardens in 2015 to…

the City of Victoria to celebrate the 35th anniversary between

Victoria and its sister city, Suzhou…

in the People’s Republic of China.


An inspiring work of art.

Now some nearby floral images…

from Vancouver Island,

British Columbia,



Floral Friday

Floral Friday







Black and White Challenge.


Some random plastics.

Plastic chair along the beachfront at Nice, France.



The front of many cars are now plastic.

This is a 3,ooo GALLON (13,638 litres) plastic tank I purchased

around the year 2000 because the concrete one along side had severe cracks in it.

I don’t get back to the farm more than once or twice per year.

About twelve months ago I returned to find my tank missing.

And like on many police related movies/TV shows I have suspicions but no proof.


Cees-BW-Photo-Challenge: Plastic






Because all of our travels over recent years have been so ‘organised’

we decided that the pre-wedding road trip was to be a relaxing venture. 

No more than two or three hours driving each day. 

We booked accommodation in six different towns/cities

and from there it was whichever way the wind blew! 

Auckland, Waitomo, Taupo, Rotorua, Whakatane, Matamata and back to Auckland. Consequently locals were only too happy to direct us to some

of the rarer sites of New Zealand. 

Mentioning that we were going to Whakatane

drew several comments urging us on to Ohope Beach,

near the most southern part of the Bay of Plenty.


And this is what we found. 

A beautiful stretch of coastline which, I am sure,

would be jam-packed with beachgoers

and tourists in the warmer months.

In early October the dog was enjoying an unimpeded walk.

No-one appeared to be concerned about White Island,

an active volcano, on the horizon.

This last shot is looking towards Opotiki. 

we also decided to visit seeing as we were nearby.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Whimsical








well used…







Finally,  while photographed in Opotiki, New Zealand,

I’m guessing this type of waterhole

would be well used wherever in the world it is located.

I’m certain the Australian version is.


October 2018 Photography Inspirations: Waterholes