Morning on the Bay


While we were away I asked our future PDIL and Number 2 Son

if they would deliver some photos to a local Art/Photography Show.

Having heard nothing from them via Facebook,

I assumed it had been a wasted effort.


Imagine my surprise when arriving home

I discovered that this photo had been awarded the

Aquisitive Award.  

I assume that it is the same as ‘Acquisitive’

 which is the only similar word I can find on Google.  

Can anyone explain, in 25 words or less where

an Aquisitive Award rates in an art show?  

I have never heard of it prior to last Thursday.  

Google tells me that the work is purchased by

the organisation running the show.  

Is it something to be pleased/proud of,

or is it more of an encouragement award?  

I am pleased to have gained an award,

however, brutal honesty is welcome!