Black and White Challenge:

Trails or Tracks.


My focus is on trails or tracks, if you like,

in South Africa.


On a game drive we regularly passed through dry creek beds…


not knowing what, or if, there was going to be any

wildlife around the next corner.


Sharing a track with these magnificent animals…


was well worth the fourteen hour flight to Africa.

It’s just sad to think that my last two subjects

may now be dead because they crossed

a poachers gun sight one day.

Many have asked

Weren’t you frightened/threatened by the animals?

Our answer was/is, “Never“.

It is only those who do not understand animals

have right of way and those who fail to recognise

their “get out of here” signals which all animals

demonstrate when frustrated.

After all tourists are visitors in their home and

should treat wildlife with respect

and that respect will be reciprocated.

Then they won’t eat you 😀


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: TracksBlack_White~~~~



2 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Tracks

    • They are exotics for us also Cee. We visited the Melbourne and Werribee Open Range Zoos after visiting Africa and thought how sad to see the animals in an unnatural environment. However, equally sad is too read about sport hunting and poachers decimating African wildlife.


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