9 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge-Computer

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  2. Great shot of something we don’t often see. Technology changes so rapidly. As long as your computer works for you that’s all that matters. I often wonder what it would be like trying to blog on the family computer we had back in the 90s however.


    • Yes, agreed. I was watching something ot television recently and the bloke was saying how Apple made computers ‘elegant, aa piece of furniture’ while Microsoft languished with the old box and countless cords. Must confess to be one of the later, however, iPads and iPods etc leave anything Microsoft in the starting gate. If it was not for learning a whole new wway of using a computer I would be there in a flash. Still remember my first ans still operating well, unlike a Microsoft laptop, how I wondered if they would be any good as it only had 15GB of space…whereas Windows was taking Several hundred MB on its own plus any other FAT program designed to go with the IBM systems.

      Maybe my last response for a while Raewyn. We are off tomorrow. Hope to post something along the way…when time permits. 🙂


    • Agreed. Always amazes me that we now have more computing power in portable devices than some of the space vehicles did. Also that our first computer had a massive 80 mb hard drive. It would hold 80,000,000 characters the salesman told me. I thought we would never fill it. Now our iPods’ capacity is measured in gigabytes.

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