Nothing all that

odd about this image, except…

…that in this image the birds appear

to be chatting to each other.

Then they would extend their wings for balance,

and their heads would bob up and down

as if they were laughing at a joke.

This was repeated several times.

Talk, laugh, talk, laugh…

Did you hear the one about….?


FriendlyFriday:   Odd-Couples

Amanda                       Sandi



While the African wildlife…

…soon lost its novelty value…

…never, was an animal sighting less than awesome.



Although uncommon visitors to our car,

the Yellow Billed Hornbill was

a common sight during our African Safaris.





1.  laugh lightly and repeatedly in a silly way,
from amusement, nervousness,
or embarrassment.
“they giggled at some private joke”
2.  a light, silly laugh.

Very difficult to photograph ‘giggle’

However, these two Yellow Billed Hornbills

would look, and chat, to each other,

as in this shot,…

Then their heads would bob up and down

and their wings would keep in time

to the head bob.

Definitely two birds who, on that day,

had seen the funny side of life! 🙂


Word of the Day Challenge:  Giggle










A change from pets today.

 African provided us with many pairs.

First, a pair of zebra.


This pair of yellow hornbills welcomed us

and inspected our vehicle

as park entry was being organised.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Pair

Weekly Photo Challenge-Favourites



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Seeing as WordPress is taking a break I decided

to post some of my ‘starred’ photos from my Picasa library.


Botanic Gardens.

A sight to be seen in most gardens.

These blokes must be exceptionally fit as they smile and laugh

nearing the end of the Cadel Evans Classic in Geelong.

About as close as I am going to get to this truck.

It looks suspiciously like the Fordson Thames

which Dad bought years ago and on which

we carted thousands of bales of  hay and

thirty or forty wool clips.

An African Yellow Billed Hornbill.

Botswana leopard.


 Maybe a Botswana giraffe judging by the background.

Certainly not a zoo animal.

One of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

But with luck we/humans will shoot them to extinction.

😦 😦

Finally, dear old Ginger who passed away

a little over two years ago.

I had Ginger and her father Brandy for

an approximate total of 27 years.

Happy New Year




Weekly Photo Challenge-Early-Bird


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Early Bird


We were still at Savuti Camp Gate, in Botswana…


when our welcoming committed showed up…

yellow-hornbill_0170to tell us all about the camp and…

yellow-hornbill_0180inspect the interior of our vehicle and

checking out this new mob of tourists.

yellow-hornbill_0182Satisfied there were no shifty types on board

although they did mark my back pack

for further inspection…

yellow-hornbill_0183they left congratulating themselves,

and any one who would listen,

on their successful mission.

I was reminded today that I had not identified these birds.

They are Yellow Billed Hornbills.

There two or three other Hoenbills

of which I have photographs and

they all seem to have character.



Black and White Tuesday-0710



Black and White

Tuesday, October 07, 2014



Yellow Billed Hornbill

hornbill_0015These birds have character…
hornbill_0016and although they look ferocious at times…

hornbill_020they provided plenty of entertainment around the camps.
hornbill_0020These last two are…
hornbill_20my favourites.



Hope you enjoyed.