work jointly on an activity or project.

Pets sharing…

…has to be collaboration of some sort.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Collaborate







a large bird of prey with the head and neck more or less bare of feathers,
feeding chiefly on carrion and reputed to gather with others
in anticipation of the death of a sick or injured animal or person.

Vultures’ feeding ground.

In 2013 I thought I would be able to

hold a vulture fairly easily.

Not so!


In 2020 I am fairly certain that I would need

more than the helping hand I received in this image.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Vulture







dedicated or consecrated to God or
a religious purpose; sacred.

The holy season of Christmas…

…is often marked by a nativity scene either within,

or, in this case outside a church.

Miniature nativity scenes are often

on display in some homes.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Holy







a person who shows the way to others, especially one employed
to show tourists around places of interest.

Contrary to popular opinion…

…our Safari Guide is not asleep, he is planning mode.

MGW says she would trust her life with him.

In a few months we will be doing just that again.

We rate him the best Guide in the world.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Guide