Random wind related images.

An airborne kite surfer.

Same surfer plus kite.


A nearby wind farm. 

We moved before what was described as

the largest wind farm (140 towers)

in the Southern Hemisphere was built in Western Victoria. 

We weren’t anti wind farm….just coincidence. 

Now another of 145 towers is planned for the same area.

Where there are crops….wind isn’t really required

this time of year.

Finally, back to water and a windsurfer.


Wits End Weekly Prompt:  The-Wind



A couple of close ups form the farm this week.

It’s a…


Back in the day I spent quite a few hairy times

standing on these boards.

 Quite often there was a fair breeze

and capturing the wheel,

spinning just above one’s head was the first feat.

Above seven or eight years ago

I found the mill had blown over.

The worst part was getting anyone to fix it.

No-one would/has.

However, many people have helped themselves

to what ever they have been able to steal.

Even this mill has been dragged 20-30 feet away

from where it should be and

all those parts underground removed.

Last year I discovered a 3,000 gallon

water tank had been stolen.

And all because we no longer live there


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Close-Ups




A Windmill…

at rest in the middle of a canola crop.

No wind, no water pumped.

And there was no wind that morning.


Windmills to help keep the power grids going.

The Macarthur Wind Farm,  of 104 turbines (I think)

was said to be the largest in the

Southern Hemisphere when built. 

It  stands about 2 kilometres from our farm.

The turbines still look large nearly 10 kilometres away.

I have been told that where the blades join the turbine

they are 6 to 7 feet in diameter.

Quite easy to walk upright inside them.


Weekly Weather: Wind

Weekly Weather

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Houses


My contribution for this week’s



My focus is on housing this week.


This morning the demolition of the Calais refugee camp made

a two second visual grab on our electronic media.


In the comfort of our air-conditioned coach

we passed this camp twice in September.



Tucked behind a high barbed wire fence, we were told,

were 30,000 refugees while the internet claims a high of 10,000.

Whatever the real number these homes/housing

are now being destroyed so the occupants can/will move on.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Yellows-2


My contribution for this week’s



My second attempt and this time in the correct week 🙂


Taken September 2015 this is a regular sight in

Canola growing paddocks in early Spring.



Daisies or single dahlias…I’m not sure

~~~~dahlias_0128Definitely dahlias and growing alongside the previous image in

St James Park, London, early September 2016.


Black and White Tuesday16-0627


Black and White Tuesday

 June 27, 2016



Hereford, or possibly Hereford cross cattle.

galah_01The Galah.

Last week’s visitor to our backyard.

Interestingly, years ago, if one’s behaviour was idiotic,

they were called galahs.

Yet I have never seen these birds act in an idiotic manner.


A species of hawk…

and a mudlark…


sharing the same power line.



Hope you enjoyed.


Black and White Tuesday16-0614


Black and White Tuesday

 June 14, 2016


Some random pics this week.


I found these abandoned buildings in an old town a few weeks ago.  

Nearing the century mark is my guess as the style resembles

some of the buildings in my hometwon


Early morning on Corio Bay


I hit the sepia button for this shot.

The sky is a nice blue and I think colour is better.



Hope you enjoyed.