a person walking rather than
travelling in a vehicle.




Viennese Pedestrians.

Murano pedestrians

Palace of Versailles pedestrians

Eastern Beach, Geelong

African pedestrians.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Pedestrian



 In keeping with Cee’s Wildlife theme

from earlier in the week I  have again

returned to Africa for my  

double letter words this week.

Cheetah one and…

Cheetah two.

The friendly Giraffe.

 Some Hippopotamuses.

Wildebeest heading for water

at the beginning of a hot day.

 Not sure if this is ‘Willy’ the Wildebeest or not. 

If it is, he has fallen victim to the

laws of the jungle since 2013. 

He learned, the hard way, that cats

move quicker than wildebeests can.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Double-Letter-Words



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-W


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


(Needs to start with W and have two vowels in the word )

First up, back in South Africa’s

Kruger National Park.

Like the zebra crossings

it was a matter of waiting…patiently.

They were not in a hurry.


However, it appears this wildebeest was

moving very slowly.

At least Leo is smiling.

Was Willy the Wildebeest saying, kiss………

A Surf Coast Victoria, Wipeout.


 Our shopping,banking and business centre,

until we moved off the farm.

Fifty-five kilometres, one way,

ensured that a trip to Warrnambool

wasn’t just for a hamburger! 🙂

And should you be having difficulty

sorting out the syllables,

this may help……Warr/nam/bool

And if you really want to sound local

it sounds a bit like this….War/na/bool



Weekly Photo Challenge-Gathering



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I intended to use some family gatherings for this post and then remembered one very hot day in Kruger National Park in 2013  wildebeest_0202After hearing apologies from our guide about the distance

we would be travelling and the heat…

wildebeest_0343early in our day, this heard of Wildebeest was

our first gathering for the day.
wildebeest_0343aThis was our first large sighting of any one species…

wildebeest_0357but not the last.
impala_0329aThis random shot, not taken on that hot day,

but suits the challenge.
ostrich_0495Half an hour past the wildebeest gathering we sighted

this family already trying to find respite from the heat.

lion_0880Nearing the end of our day we found another gathering

of four-wheel drives.
lion_0880aAll occupants were intently focused on a gathering

on and to the to each side of this road.

While our guide was still a tad apologetic regarding

time spent on the road and the heat – our other vehicle

is the green one second from the front – we thought it

a magnificent day because of  all our animal sightings.

I have only shown the gathering type sightings in this post.

As I said last week:

This is why I love Africa.

Zoos don’t let you get so close as this…

PS:  I think my ‘past’ is correct…but not sure. 🙂