Weekly Photo Challenge-Joy


My Joy contribution for this week’s challenge comes from photos taken in the latter part of this year while in Africa.  I do like all of these photos and I keep finding more.

I hope they bring you joy also.

4_103 DSC_0037






10_DSC_0310-moholoholo ~~~

God's_Window_0130God’s Window



Cubs_0555What can bring more joy than a roll in elephant dung?

Decorations_0466jAnd there is always Christmas joy.

Finally, from Africa Geographic Facebook page I found this Christmas cracker joke:

 Q. Why did the lion lose at poker?
A. Because he was playing with a cheetah!

Lion_0943I have used one of my own photos instead of illegally using Carole Deschuymere’s photo.

Pleeaassee take time out to look at Ms. Deschuymere’s photo.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy




Weekly Photo Challenge-One


My One contribution for this week.

When I saw this week’s challenge was “One” I nearly did not enter as it seems only a few weeks ago that this was the topic for Cee’s.

Decorations_0464hA look around our living room revealed more than one present under the tree..

Decorations_0450a…more than one tinsel…

Decorations__0451b…and certainly more than one bauble.


They were different…



Decorations_0457e…and sizes.


More lights than I cared to count…

Decorations_0453f And I thought how lucky we are.  Then suddenly I spied, high up on the tree…

Decorations_0466j…a single solitary Christmas star.

A reminder of the very first Christmas.


Merry Christmas

to all out there in the blogosphere.  

May your Christmas be peaceful and safe,

and may everyone

have a happy, safe and prosperous

New Year.


Weekly Photo Challenge: One



Weekly Photo Challenge-Community


My Community contribution for this week.

egyptian goose_0387

A community of Egyptian geese enjoying the cool water on a hot day.


A small community of hippopotamuses.


Almost my favourite, impalas sharing a drink.


However, I have always loved the elephants.


The dust was so thick on the day that I am surprised that these shots were as good as they are.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Community



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