This wheel was first seen by yours truly

on my Father’s disc plough.

I spent many hours during my farm life

dragging these around breaking up ground

for seeding as well as ploughing fire breaks.

Thank you Google for the above image

An old paper mill on the outskirts of Geelong

provided me with these wheels. 

I do not know their purpose.



I’m sure all motor vehicle owners

will have groaned as these wheels

displayed too many gallons,

price per gallon (now litres Down Under)

and total amount owed.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Wheels





Towers from all over.

Eiffel Tower.

A Leaning Tower at Pisa


Burj Khalifa


Towering Redwoods in Rotorua

New Zealand

Light house towers.




Sadly, or otherwise,

I am now at a stage of my life…

…where I can say that these first two images

are two of the first wheels I remember.

Equally sadly I remember setting about wrecking

a buggy of this era about sixty years ago.

My guess is that this wheel belongs to what my Father

would have called a bullock dray.

Windmills, not quite like this one,

were the life line for or our livestock

during long hot, dry summers.

As Dad  and I each began to age, it was yours truly

that took the lead in climbing up the mill

to give it a regular grease and oil change.

For some reason it was always a windy day

and even with the mill cut back the wheel

would be turning at a dangerous speed

and would need stopping by hand.



I still remember Dad spending a day changing oil

and greasing all relevant bearing prior to

a 300 kilometre trip to Melbourne to visit relatives in the 1950s.

And when in 1977 I hopped into my first car

and drove 400-500 kilometres to work

without the said greasing of bearings,

he was amazed that I could do just that.




Beginning with..

a steering wheel.

Moving on to…

harvesting machinery wheels…


most of which are now not much

more than scrap  metal.

Finally, one of my favourite wheel photos.

I have spent many hours dragging discs

like this one around paddocks while preparing

to sow a crop or prepare a firebreak.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Wheels






Black and White Challenge:



I nearly called this photo Geelong’s… 

spinning wheel.  

Then I remembered all wheels spin..sort of.


Machinery at an old paper mill.

Wheels, gears and cogs


I spent many hours dragging these wheels around

at harvest time raking cut hay

into windrows prior to baling.


DC Photography

Again at the other end of the season,

I dragged these sort of wheels around for hours

breaking up ground to sow seed in.

These wheels were dragged

behind a tractor at a 45 degree angle.

The scalloped edges cut into the soil

breaking it up into a seed bed.

With small equipment this was a lengthy process.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Wheels