Commencing in Melbourne’s

Werribee Open Range Zoo.

A big and small horn on a white rhinoceros.

Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Even the ‘small’ is big by our standards.

Mum, Dad and family on a hot day in

Kruger National Park,

South Africa..



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Big-and-Small



None of my domestic livestock had horns to photograph.

Thank goodness for Africa.

An Impala with an impressive set.

A pair of itchy…

…Giraffe horns.

Finally this horn appears to be too heavy to carry.

Or is it just sad because it is a Zoo rhino?

Safe from poachers but still in captivity.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Horns






A very young Maggie sleeping off a hangover. 

A bottle of cooking wine had been emptied

on the ground to get rid of it. 

Maggie thought it a waste. 

She reeked! 🙂

Not a safari shot. 

There was a bout four inches of glass

between subject and photographer.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Snooze


October Word Challenge

Switzerland could only be described as


   When I saw the word whiskers, my first thoughts

were of Soxie who passed away

about twelve months ago.

  However, I could have easily gone

down this track also. 

However, as he was sleeping with

 one eye open, literally,

I was pleased that there was

a very thick slab of glass between us.

This crumbling room at Pompeii was described

as possibly the first McDonalds, or takeaway, ever. 

Food was prepared and served to the public.


Sydney’s famous bridge spanning the harbour

creating easy access between north and south.

 Finally, I always think Geelong’s

Cunningham Pier

looks immaculate as the sun sets. 

Earlier this week was no exception.


Thursday’s Special: October-Words




Black and White Challenge:

Two of Anything.


Recent trip to the coast and I spied…seats_0023

two chairs set up on the beach.

Thought there may have been a proposal in the offing.


Alas!  No!  It was a couple getting married instead.

I have deliberately darkened the photo to hide faces


Seating for aching feet at Werribee Zoo


Still at the Zoo, I found these two buckets hanging about ten feet above ground.

No  idea what they are/were used for although they

did remind me of the showers we had at

some woolsheds when I was woolclassing

in New South Wales.


Double trouble.


At first I thought this look was calling dad to come and

relive mum with baby sitting duties.

However, if it was, baby woke at the changeover and

dad got out of sitting up there while baby snoozed.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Two-of-Anything






Black and White Tuesday16-0103


Black and White Tuesday

 March  01, 2016


Some shots from the Werribee area.melbourne_1042

Melbourne skyline on a hazy day.


Next week’s vegetables.


Probably my favourite small animal…

just because they pose so well.



Hope you enjoyed.


Weekly Photo Challenge-State-of-Mind


My contribution for this week’s challenge…

State of Mind


An early rise yesterday, preceded a morning spent shooting lions.

Lion_0998I was not expecting to be in such close proximity to them…Lion_0999

 and I felt a bit like joining in their siesta

Not the same as shooting in the wild but

when they decide to come so close…

I will accept the acrylic or glass barrier.