Mum was probably happy to see her offspring…

…find something else to do.

It was our unexpected game drive

which gave her a break…

…and resulted in…

…these images of her…

…of six week old lion cubs.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Uexpected





The weather certainly has the better

of these weatherboards.

Boat hull

Log of wood

Water damaged log

A church or school?

Whatever it was the elements have wrecked it.

One of my favourite houses…

…looking sad just before it was razed.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Weathered




Perhaps not a bona fide

Farmers Market however…

…these Arras (France) market images…

…are nearly the only market images…

…I possess.

Any other images…

…are of markets

…where locals are trying…

…to capture the tourist dollar.

The Arras Market was operating…

…primarily for locals…

..to purchase the necessities of life.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Farmers-Market




My favourite images are local,

with one exception.

I just could not create this post without including

one of my lion cubs…dubbed Nosy and Rosy

Six weeks old, wild, and with mum relaxing

about 50 metres away, this image is one

of around 300 taken in the twenty minutes

we spent time with these loveable (at this age) creatures.

Geelong’s Griffin Gully Pier at sunrise.

Boat lights Geelong marina

‘Twas only dumb luck that I looked to the right

and spotted this scene.

Still at Griffin Gully Pier.

One of my all time favourite images.

A half hour drive out of Geelong

and I captured this sunset.

I like the silhouettes and the rich blue sky.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Favourites




a violation or infringement of a law

or agreement.


Our ‘baby’ will be twenty-nine in a few weeks.

MGW still maintains that if he was our first

he would be an only child.

Over the past ten years we have been hearing

of his many infractions against

both school and family values.

Nothing serious just a little shocking even now.  😀

He (still) suffers severely from

Typical Youngest Child Syndrome.  😀


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Infraction




Last Tuesday (May, 11) I was

discharged from hospital after having

knee replacement surgery on May 5.

At his stage crutches are only a support.

However, I’m not quite confident enough to

leave them, or a walking stick, behind.

Modern medicine is amazing.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Last-Week




When I was fourteen my parents had a few

Hereford cattle on there farm including one paddock

of 25 mixed age cows, one  of which was a poll.

 That is, it had no horns and was bullied by those with horns.

After a chat with a school mate who was a dairy farmer’s son,

I suggested to Dad that we dehorn the cows.

So our first de-horning day came round.

 We left the polled cow out in a holding yard

happily chewing on a bale of hay.

First cow to be de-horned and let back to the holding yard

marched straight up to poll cow and

gave her head a sharp flick to the left.

Poll cow jumps away in self preservation.

De-horned cow tried same manoeuvre several more times

with poll cow preserving self.

Then the penny dropped.

Poll cow realised there were no horns to hurt her.

The tables turned because she had a lifetime advantage

of knowing how to fight without horns.

 Freshly de-horned cow had no idea

of fighting without her weapons.

We watched in amusement for a few minutes

until we realised that the polled cow was going

to make up for a life time of being bullied.

 Polled cow was removed to the paddock

leaving freshly de-horned cows

to recover in the holding yard.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Advantages



Recently I posted images of a new box come seat

I made to replace a planter box I made during

high school woodwork classes in 1965.


Now for the quiz 😉

Who, in our household, thinks my 1965 planter

is a treasure to be lovingly restored?

Who thinks it is just junk?


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Just-Junk