Not many Autumnal photos in my collection

and cetainly none taken this year.

However, our Japanese Maples were showing off

their colour at the end of April four years ago.


I am fairly certain these are deciduous trees

in Ballarat, mid May, two years ago.


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On January 1, 2013 some friends I hadn’t seen since 1976

arrived from Saskatchewan, Canada. One of the planned excursions was a drive along

The Great Ocean Road.

This shot, inside Lochard Gorge, was taken near

the end of that day.

The temperature was 44 degrees Celsius/111 degrees F

and the bitumen in the car park was melting.

It was summer.



Another sign that summer is on its way is

the erection of the Geelong Ferris wheel.


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Living in a reasonably elevated area the closest…

we get to a flood is a few inches of

running water after heavy rain.

Last winter we had a day or two of such rain

and found this resulting ‘flooded’ front yard

and drain in full flow a few days later.


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A Windmill…

at rest in the middle of a canola crop.

No wind, no water pumped.

And there was no wind that morning.


Windmills to help keep the power grids going.

The Macarthur Wind Farm,  of 104 turbines (I think)

was said to be the largest in the

Southern Hemisphere when built. 

It  stands about 2 kilometres from our farm.

The turbines still look large nearly 10 kilometres away.

I have been told that where the blades join the turbine

they are 6 to 7 feet in diameter.

Quite easy to walk upright inside them.


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I know I have used this photo on previous occasions…

however we do not live in the tornado/cyclone areas

of the world and any mini tornado (whirlwinds)

are over before a camera comes out of the bag. 

This one was photographed at Lekhubu Island

which is in Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

on the North Eastern corner of the Kalahari Desert.


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A few years ago I photographed this storm…as it dumped heavy rain on Geelong 

in a very short space of time.

 Some of the low-lying roads were

up to three feet under water,

while the sun was shining on me


This is what I call a real thunderstorm.

The downside to these is that

they often occur in the wee hours

of the  morning.


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After standing out of snowy type themes…

at last a sunny theme. 🙂

Our back door provides some

excellent views of our sunsets.  

From a Moorabool Valley (near Geelong)

lookout I captured this sunset a few years ago.

Cropping appears to be the only enhancement.



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