I had choices…

To order Black Forest cake,

or not to order.

Then…..do I choose not to eat or watch my waistline

Or I could choose to eat…and still watch my waistline.

Probably get a better view  🙂



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk229 – Choices





Last Saturday was our

33rd wedding anniversary.

Not being able to go out for a meal we decided

to let our favourite Hotel bring Dinner to us.

Apart from needing a small zap in our microwave

it was as enjoyable as going out to dine.

So we overcame the current rules and regulations

and had a quiet isolated

wedding anniversary dinner.

Stay safe and/or get well.



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk227 –Quarantine

Wedding Anniversary-2018

April, 4th, 2018

April 4th, 2013 was one of the first WoollyMuses’ posts and it was about our 26th wedding anniversary.

Five years of Woolly posts and MGW and I are back to celebrate our 31st anniversary.

After a quiet day, maybe in the garden or shed we are booked in for dinner for two in Geelong this evening.     On April 12th we are going out for dinner again on the Q Train which is a three-four hour rain ride around the local area in a private cabin.

In the five years since the first Woolly posts we have travelled quite a bit…twice to Africa and once to Europe together.  I made a return trip to France and Belgium’s World War I Battlefields last year, and we have plans to visit Canada ans Alaska this year.
This year we also spent a weekend in Auckland, yes a weekend,  leaving home at 0530 Friday, dinner on Friday night in Auckland, engagement party for Number 1 Son Saturday night, home in our own abode by 1830 Sunday night.  Probably would n’t do that again!  However, we are planning on a few days in NZ. before the wedding later in the year at which  time we will have our second daughter-in-law.  The first daughter-in-law arrived late in 2016.

In 2015 my place of work decided I was no longer required which was frustrating for a few weeks, until I realised that I did not need to worry about security anymore.  I spent the last six years of my working life teaching inmates computer skills in a maximum security prison.

As life progresses we find ourselves not wanting for material things, rather these days it is experiences together.

 So on our 31st Wedding Anniversary (where has the time gone?) I can only wish my beloved, (and best friend) a happy anniversary and here’s to many more.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Surprise



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Recently it was our 30th wedding anniversary.
MGW surprised me with a hot air balloon flight

over Melbourne…scheduled for Friday April 7.

After a Friday’s cancellation all was good to go

yesterday Wednesday.

So, as the moon was setting…

our balloons were being filled with hot air…

in preparation for our journey.

Flame like this generated quite a lot of heat

which kept us warm on a chilly morning.

Due to the wind direction we did not go

directly over Melbourne’s

Central Business District.

However we would not have been able to capture

this image of a city waking to the new day, if we had.

A very memorable wedding anniversary surprise.



Wedding Anniversary

April, 4th, 2013

Twenty-six years ago today was one of the most memorable days of my life.  It was the day I stopped running or chasing and uttered the words “I do.”

Those twenty-six years seem to have flown by and the little ankle biters which our union has produced have grown into healthy, gainfully employed, independent (almost!) young men.  Looking at either of  our sons, I can see a reflection of myself at the same age and have to smile inwardly when conversations include comments similar to: ‘….oh, you did that too, did you Dad…?’

To celebrate our twenty-sixth anniversary we decided to spend three nights in the picturesque town of Daylesford at the Hepburn Springs Chalet.  Daylesford is set in central Victoria and was part of Victoria’s gold mining era.  Therefore the town and area was settled in 1852 with the discovery of alluvial gold in the area now known as Lake Daylesford.
Two things we did not count on when leaving home: first, we live at an altitude which is some 1600 feet lower than Daylesford, and second, we live closer to the coast (milder climate).
So with forecasts of warmer weather I set off in shorts and short sleeve shirt feeling very much the tourist.  Upon opening the car door in Daylesford the smile was wiped from my face as an icyblast of inland mountain air assaulted to ‘shapely’ bare legs!  Coffee, coffee, we had to warm up some how, somewhere.  And while seeking out a coffee shop just happened to notice some people (locals?) crossing the street rugged up to the ear in warm jackets, parkas and other assorted warm clothing.  I had not allowed for the altitude!
Inland daytime temperatures are ALWAYS warmer than down on the coast….just watch the TV weather any night.  I also spent my childhood living inland and cooking in 100 degree temperatures all day.  However, after convincing (read nagging) Dad into taking the FJ holden for the thirty minute drive to the beach the desire to immerse myself in cold water waned according to the intensity of the sea breeze which struck us about five minutes before arriving at the beach.  The worst part though was that we had to negotiate, on foot, two large sand dunes before,we could actually see water.  Cold? My oath it was cold!  But after negotiating those two sand dunes again while returning to the FJ we were hot and looking to cool down again!
Back to the present.  Why come to Daylesford?  One of the aforementioned young men had presented us with a gift voucher as a Christmas/birthday present and we chose this week to visit.
We will enjoy ourselves but it was a shock when we arrived, especially considering our previous recent holidays have been to far North Queensland.
Whatever the final verdict of our holiday I can only wish my beloved, (and best friend) a happy anniversary and here’s to many more.