A quick catch up post.

One of the half decent

Wedge Tailed Eagle shots

I have.


Next two from our…

2013 African Safari.

The following year we watched as

Southern Masked Weavers

made nests in a tree in a

Botswana shopping centre car park.

The male builds the nest.

The female inspects it and pulls it apart

if it’s not up to her standard.

Male starts all over again.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Wings

Black and White Tuesday17-0208


Black and White Tuesday


Commencing at…the Geelong Yacht Club.

Some local…members of….


parrot family.

Also included some of…

my One Word Photo Challenges in BW.



Hope you enjoyed.



One Word Photo Challenge-Home





These cockatoos may not call this tree their home…

however, they certainly look at home in this shot.


On the other hand this parrot is certainly at home.

At least until breeding season is over.

In 2013 we were told about the

Southern Masked (or African Masked) Weaver’s

nest building practices.

If Mrs Weaver does not like it she pulls it apart

and Mr Weaver has to start again.

In 2014, in Botswana we watched in awe

as about 20 Mr Weavers worked

frantically to prepare

their nesting homes under the

guidance of their partner.

This all took place in a tree,

in a busy shopping centre.

The photo is not up-side down.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Home


Travel Theme-Flutter




Travel Theme.


In a small town in Botswana…weaver_0291

we found this tree in the middle

of a small shopping centre.


 It was a hive of activity as the male inhabitants

of the tree fluttered from branch, to branch, to nest…


as they frantically tried to build the house of her dreams.


We were told that Mrs Weaver comes to inspect the nest

AFTER it has been built and if it is not up to her standard

will pull it apart…or demand a new one be made.

No-wonder these blokes were working so hard.


Where’s My Backpack?: Flutter




Wordless Wednesday16_0211

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


 As far as I could see this Weaver was…


not constructing a nest.

However, it was not happy until all leaves were

removed from each branch.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Craftyspices.com_Wordless Wednesday

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Cee’s Black and White Challenge:



Houses, houses, houses…all sorts of houses.house_0050
The regular sort.


The round sort…at Anglesea.

house_0174bwaAn abandoned house…

waiting for the block to house a supermarket.

This photo was taken at least a year ago and

still no super market.

Although the house is gone.

weaver_0171Mr Weaver working his butt off to build

a gorgeous house for Mrs Weaver…

weaver_0443who spends all her time in it after eggs are laid.

The blurry blob in the background is also

a weaver’s nest/house

pelican_0067And with pelicans weighing up to thirty pounds

this has to be the most sturdy house of all.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: House