smile broadly

A party smile

A birthday grin

This is mine…all mine.


Finally, who wouldn’t grin?

It’s not every day one receives a certificate

from the Vienna Waltz Academy.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Grin




While at dinner in Vienna I received a tap on my shoulder

and realized that I was being asked to dance.

It took a few shuffles of a very small dancing area

to realise my partner did not speak English…

well not the Australian version…

and I could not speak any other European language

other than some French.

Still we enjoyed five minutes or so

of dancing during which I managed

to avoid my partner’s toes.


She must have appreciated this fact, as…

a few minutes after we parted ways she returned

with this certificate from the Vienna Waltz Academy.

Well alright, alright….everyone who danced received one.   🙂

I must try to translate the text one day.



Word of the Day Challenge: Waltzing