Although I have titled my post


my post this week takes

a slightly different tack…I think.

 A tourist tied to his phone while…


people all around look…

 in the opposite direction.

Resting alone…

while the world passes by.


are these two tourists travelling together or alone?

This face says lonely to me.

 And yet they are all in the same location

surrounded by hundreds.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Abandoned-Alone




Weekly Photo Challenge-Dense



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



When we visited the Trevi Fountain…
I did not expect the crowd to be as dense as it was.

t was impossible to gain a viewing spot in

the top right of this shot…in front of the fountain.

Likewise I have never seen streets as

densely packed with tourists, presumably,

as in some of the streets of Rome.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Good-Bad


My contribution for this week’s

Good and Bad


Upon arriving in Rome the first thing we

did was go on a walking tour.


down bustling CROWDED streets.


For some reason I had a totally different concept of

the Trevi Fountain, and it took some time

before the Wow! hit me :-).


A fascinating piece of work, and…


a place to spend lots of time.


If only all those tourists…

trevi_fountain_0199awould go to the Colosseum.

Anywhere to leave some room for us. 🙂