Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 13


With a bunch of roses and a Nikon D90 battery,

I found inspiration for

CCYC – Perspective.

All photos were taken with my

Nikon D7100 and Sigma 18-250 zoom lens

set at 18mm.

In each photo I have tried to keep the top

of the roses and their reflection in the photo.

2-perspective-roses_8661The battery is too close to be sharp,

however, it looks huge compared to the jug/vase.

Also note how it compares with a regular kitchen chair.


Halfway to the roses – about 80cm – and

the battery begins to appear normal in size.

Note battery – chair comparison again.

Another 30 -40 cm and my battery is

starting to look like it may fit in the camera.


 Sitting alongside the jug and the grey battery is almost ‘lost’.

In all shots the chair size and roses have

remained static in size.

Did you also notice that the roses were nearly level

with the top of the window.

That window is 180 cm / 6 feet high.

The stems are not that long! 🙂

However, with the camera sitting

on the table and an 18mm lens the

flowers appear much taller than they are.

So another deceptive perspective

Perspective is something to be aware of when

taking family or group photos.

Recently we had a family photo taken.

The person taking the photo decided,

for reason best know to  himself, to move to our right.

Number 1 son was standing on the right extremity,

while I was on the left extremity of the group.

Photographer takes the shot after moving to our right

and suddenly yours truly is no longer a centimetre

shorter than Number 1 son.

I appear head and shoulders shorter than

nearly all of the family.

By the way…I hope everyone has a

Happy Valentine’s Day.


CCYC: Wk-13-Perspective




Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 11

Breaking the Rule of Thirds

I think this is something I always do.sunset_7689I think the sun looks best filling the frame as it does.

The small amount of foliage, at the bottom,

indicating how low it is.

moon_0004Similarly the moon looks at its best slap bang in the centre.


A few weeks ago I posted this (cropped) photo.

The antennae again as close to middle as it can be.cockatoos_0835

This is the original.

Again I was not taking too much notice of rules

when I shot it, just the cockatoos,

but it is a little off centre.

I think the first version is the winner here.


Again the moon is scrambling to be in the centre third,

however, for my liking there is too much of nothing around it.


This is by far my favourite version.


This was taken to mark the ten weeks old milestone,

possibly through the glass door.

I was watching her tail slowly wagging and thinking of

how you can train the Lab but you can’t train the tail.


The focus leaves a bit to be desired, however,

I think the overall effect is better after cropping

to centre Taji’s head/body in the shot.


CCYC: Wk-11-Breaking the Rule of Thirds




Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 10

Rule of Thirds  Introduction.

Time to catch up.

When it comes to rules…well they are a dim distant thought

when taking and composing a photo.

This series is out of the camera shots with little or no editing,

and all shots taken back in the winter or late autumn.

Using two-thirds of the frame…

stonewall_6917 (2)In my mind this hits the two-thirds mark.

However, my two-thirds are spread across

the upper bottom to the lower top third.

I did consider cropping our the foreground grass

which would give  a better 2-1 aspect ratio,

however, it would take away the fact that

this is a roadside fence.

sunset_7691I like this sunset and it does fit the two-thirds challenge,

leaving negative space in the foreground

to allow the sky and sun to create more impact

trees_6281Next two shots…same trees different composition.

The tree tops probably stray into the left third a tad, however…

trees_6283I like it more than this shot…

even though the top of the trees

do fill the top two-thirds.

As I said at he beginning, little or no editing…

which means tweaking sharpness and

straightening one horizon a tad, in these shots.

 Any and all comments welcome.


CCYC: Wk-10-Using Two Thirds of the Frame