I think the Burj Al Arab is

a fantastic design both

in and outside.

In comparison, the Burj Khalifa is just plain huge.

The geometrical pattern on the exterior of Melbourne’s

National Gallery of Australian Art…

…exacerbating Melbournian’s love/hate relationship

with the building.


Prior to the 2006 Commonwealth Games

being held in Melbourne,

Spencer St Railway Station was renovated

and modernised.

Its most notable feature is the waves and arches

which now support a similarly shaped roof.

It was also renamed Southern Cross Station.


Around the corner, Flinders Street Station remains

as it was at the beginning of the twentieth century.

To change the exterior facade of

Flinders St would cause a public outcry…

…similar to the outcry when the Flinders Street

clock faces were digitised.

Public backlash forced local authorities

to change the clocks back to analogue faces

with digital workings.

Now Melbournians and visitors alike

are still able to meet under the

Flinders Street clocks as they

have done for many, many decades.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Interesting-Architecture

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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Interesting-Architecture

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Melbourne skyline,

just before sunset.


From the

Langham Hotel,

Melbourne skyline

at dusk.





  Inside looking out of,

and across Spencer Street,

Southern Cross Railway Station
















Southern Cross Railway Station,


…Flinders Street Station where you…

meet under the clocks,

are both at the edge of Melbourne’s CBD.

However, at either station one can catch

the City Loop

(our underground – short as it may be),

leave the train at

Melbourne Central Station

and you will save a four block walk

from either station.

Don’t know why I haven’t thought

of that before today..  🙂


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Central






the end of a railway or other transport route,
or a station at such a point.


Southern Cross Station, the terminal at which our train

arrives in, and departs Melbourne for Geelong.

Suburban North Geelong station.

The terminal from which we leave

and arrive back in, Geelong


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Terminal







Although this shot is facing the

end of the line for the tracks…there are many intersections they must pass

prior to reaching here.

It is also a place where many lives,

either knowingly or unknowingly,

intersect each day.


December18 WitsEnd-Inspirations: Intersections

Weekly Photo Challenge-Structure



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



First up…Nature.

To me a leaf looks green and leafy…until

I stumbled across one which I had

converted to a negative. 

With the original (photo) and sunlight behind it

we can see a whole system of veins

which transport water, food, energy

through the leaf and on to the rest of the plant.

Sydney’s ‘coat hanger’ does not all that impressive

from this perspective.

In fact not as big as the boat?

 However as we commenced our walk across the bridge

it took on a whole new dimension.

Six or eight lanes of motor vehicles and

one or two train lines were woven

into the structure of the bridge.

All this held together by many rivets and tons of steels.

About 12 – 15 years ago our beloved Spencer Street Station

was re-modeled and given a makeover

prior to the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

All I saw was a ‘wavy roof’  which looked nothing like

the old Spencer street Station…AND

it was renamed Southern Cross Station.

How dare they!

It is only over the past ten years that I have taken time

to look up, and notice…

the many tons of steel which hold up the ‘wavy roof’.

Now I have grown accustomed to her face.



Black and White Tuesday16-0305


Black and White Tuesday

 May 03, 2016


 I took these shots in Melbourne last Friday.Melbourne_9944

V/Line makes the trip, from Geelong, in about an hour.

Melbourne_9934My thoughts were to take a walk and take some photographs.

However, upon arrival umbrellas were being held high.

I did not/don’t possess one and

dislike walking around Melbourne.

I’m a country boy.


After lunch at the shopping centre

formerly known as DFO…


I  settled for a couple of shots of

the Spencer Street end of Bourke Street.

It is only three or four blocks between

here and the main shopping centre of Melbourne.

However, even 40 years ago I detested walking in Melbourne.

I could walk all day in a woolshed or out in the paddock,

However, walking from Spencer Street to Elizabeth Street

(there is only King, William and Queen Streets in between)

would have my feet protesting and shins aching.



Hope you enjoyed.