In February 2014 we had

…about a week of smoke haze…

due to prevailing winds blowing smoke

from bushfires located in the east of Victoria.

This year it has not been as bad as prevailing winds

were taking smoke away from us

for most of the summer.

One or two days of light haze and smoke,

mainly due to some, small closer fires..





2018-Week 120


February 2014 , Victoria was fairly well alight for several weeks.
While the worst fires were nowhere near us…

fouled our atmosphere for a few days

until the wind decided we had had enough 

and turned the other way.


Pic and Word Challenge: Atmosphere



Week 113


Smoke is created by burning material…

be that wood or a man-made compound.

 A few years ago we lived through this for several days…

as fires in central Victoria sent their smoke

all over the state.

I don’t know what would be worse…flood or fire.

I would imagine that some precious objects

may survive a flood.


However, fire has no friends and takes no prisoners.


Pic and Word Challenge: Smoke