expensively stylish.


I could not…think of any place…


DC Photography

…to which the description of… 

…expensively stylish was more apt… 

…than Dubai’s

Burj Al Arab in

the United Arab Emirates.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Ritzy



Week 111


My first thoughts of gold were of the…


Burj Al Arab.

We were expecting something special when

we visited this 7 star hotel.

However, we did not expect the views and

service we personalised received.

And this was all prior to arriving

at our destination, the 

Sky View Bar.

Our first drink was served with

floating gold flakes.

Something all visitors to Dubai

should experience.


Pic and Word Challenge: Gold

Weekly Photo Challenge-New-Horizons



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

New Horizons


I have taken a fairly literal interpretation

of ‘New Horizons’ this week

as we have seen many in 2016.


This is the type of horizon I have spent

the greater portion of my life viewing.

Horizons which are miles and miles away

and which may, or may not, be dotted with

a ‘mountain’, which tops out at three to four hundred

metres above sea level.


So to see boats on the horizon of Laguna Veneta

at Venice, was quite unusual…


as was this view out of our ferry window.

I have never previously seen this view…

a cruise liner blocking the horizon.


Then there were shorter horizons at Monaco…


and at La Turbie’s, Cafe La Terrassa,

about half and hour from Nice.

This horizon was only a few hundred metres from

Cafe La Terrassa.


Dubai’s horizons we beginning to resemble

that which I am used to seeing.

Although in this case I do not know of anything like

the Dubai Palm in Australia.


And I confess to thinking that this scenery was for

Lawrence of Arabia type movies.

I have never seen such expanses of sand in Australian deserts,

although I am sure there are similar places.

I have worked on the edged of

the Big Desert, in Victoria

and while there was a sandy soil it was

also covered with foliage of sorts.

Now, having read the WP Challenge I may be a bit off target,

but these were my New Horizons for 2016.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Relax



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



We arrived in Dubai at 0400, not an

ideal time to arrive anywhere.


With that in mind we decided a relaxing Dhow Dinner Cruise

on the Dubai Creek would be a nice way

to spend our first evening in Dubai.


We would definitely recommend this cruise to Dubai visitors.

Colours and lights were spectacular and made our

first night in Dubai very memorable.


Visiting the Burj Al Arab’s Sky View Bar for

High Tea was planned for 2013.

In 2016 our plan came to fruition.

We were treated like royalty.


As the sun began to set over Dubai’s famous Palm…


and our seventh course arrived,

we were feeling right at home.

 I think if we ever won a decent lottery prize,

a night or two at the Burj Al Arab would be on the cards.

 Although it was three years between planning and execution,

it was well worth the wait.