Often when shooting a sunrise, walkers or joggers

will stop ten yards away while I am

simply setting up my tripod.

Then there are times when my cloak

of invisibility works like magic.   🙂

Early morning at Corio Bay

Not that I wait around too long,

but I have never seen fishermen’s nets

at breaking point.

Just many trying.

Another first and only time, to date,

that I have seen tug  boats ‘park’

their clients so efficiently.



Whether colour or black and white is your cup of tea...



…these trees still make interesting additions to the sunset.


A grain field at dusk.




Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:  Silhouettes

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:  Silhouettes

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:  Silhouettes

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:  Silhouettes




Many of my sunset photos are merely silhouettes.

Whether they are….

Black and White…

or colour…


I think they look good.

Even Geelong’s waterfront…

looks good to me.



However, I do prefer…


rural landscapes…

over cityscapes.


Often there are more interesting or

unusual subjects to photograph.


And the expanse of nature is inspiring.


Finally, three…

versions of  the same…




Pic and Word Challenge: Silhouette

Weekly Photo Challenge-Silhouette2


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



South African silhouettes.





sunset3_0720aThis last shot contains a leopard which was, naturally, the reason for stopping,

going out of our way and shooting so many photos.

It’s a bit like a Where’s Wally book…easy when you know where to look.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Silhouette


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



On August 5, I paid a visit to Fort and Point Nepean to commemorate

firing the First Shot in World War 1.

silhouette_0148There was oodles of media in tow to cover the event.

We were told that it was to be reported internationally,

but not sure if this occurred.


silhouette_0340A young soldier is demonstrating how the Pfalz was signalled on that day in 1914.

silhouette_0047Down at Fort Nepean a silhouette of a soldier pushing carts which may have carried explosives.

silhouette_0114I would like to think that these ‘Diggers‘ are honouring the men who fought in all wars

and praying that it never happens again.