As I mentioned recently the pub wall has not

been coming up with the good,

so I am relying on Facebook.


A profound Dennis 😉

As always if the image is yours and you don’t want it posted…

just let me know


Friday Follies19-07-S4-Ep-4

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This is excellent advice.

On Thursday I did not take heed

of this advice…

…slipped, lost my footing and my back hit

either on the protruding axle or

the block of concrete before

the grass gave me a gentle landing.

If only…..  🙂


Friday Follies19-07-S4-Ep-3

This challenge hosted by Proscenium






Sometimes I am.

But most times I eagerly embrace it!  😉

This is an appropriate post for this week, even though late.

The Pub Wall has been letting me down

so I have resorted to some Facebook images for a while.

As always if they are yours and you want me

to remove them…you just have to ask. 🙂


Friday Follies19-07-S4-Ep-2

This challenge hosted by Proscenium


Wordless Wednesday18_May16

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A foggy drive and still…

this sign caught my eye.

And just in case you did not catch it….

not often we see a run of zeros at

a petrol/service/gas station.

Since then fuel has jumped to over

$1.50 per litre top price.

The low end of the cycle is around $1.30 per litre.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ The Sign Says

This was a no-brainer…at least that’s what I thought.

When  you are on a ferry crossing a crocodile infested Daintree River it seems common sense to follow these rules without a needing a sign to remind you.


This next sign seems to indicate the facilities are on the Sky Rail… follow the arrow.







IS the Sky Rail and I could not see room for any of those facilities within the confines of the gondolas.


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge ~ The Sign Says