An event or community gathering,
usually staged by a local community,
which centres on some theme,
sometimes on some unique aspect
of the community.

The Shelford Duck Race is held every year

on the last Sunday in February,

although Covid caused its cancellation in 2021.

If not a Festival by definition…

…the day certainly does not lack

a festive/carnival atmosphere…

…which peaks for the Duck Race

along the Leigh River.





The closest I can think of for

Easter Yellow is the

Shelford Duck Race.

Shelford is about a 45 minute drive from Geelong.

The last Sunday in February the township holds a

fundraising duck race…among other attractions.

Visitors purchase a duck and mid-afternoon the race begins.

After several hundred metres of racing along with the current

the winner crosses a finish line and it’s owner wins a prize.

A fun day for all ages


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Easter-Yellow