One Word Photo Challenge-Mansion






In years gone I have heard people describe any home,

constructed of anything but weather boards,

as a mansion…

I think Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace

and its 1,441 rooms qualifies as a mansion.

While we call it a palace, it was after all, known as

the Summer Cottage

by the Habsburgs.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Mansion




Compared to most houses in Australia…

most of us thought many European cities

contained small houses which went up instead

of sprawling along the ground.

On the other hand, this is the back yard of

Schonbrunn Palace.

It is also known as the

Hapsburg’s Summer Cottage.

There is only 1,441 rooms in Schonbrunn Palace

compared to 3,000 rooms in the

Hapsburg’s Winter Palace.

At the other end of the spectrum was

this refugee camp at Calais.

Back to Amsterdam and this tiny house

squeezed in between others not much larger.

Finally, one of the many houseboats

moored in Amsterdam’s canals.

My perception of ‘small’ is based on the frontage.

Only those living in my ‘small’ houses know

how roomy they are…particularly when a house

is several stories high.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Houses




November Words

Two dormant pups.

       I think salubrious would be

a great adjective to describe

the Burj Al Arab.

       An earmarked rhinoceros.


Schönbrunn Palace was certainly owned by influential people of the era.

      A fun-loving… 

Red Headed Weaver from our

Botswana travels.


Thursday’s Special: November-Words

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Inner-Outer


My contribution for this week’s

Inner and Outer


Outside Shonnbrunn Palace looking in.

However, even when through the gates we are…


still on the outer.


I have a feeling we were told not to take photos

after I took this shot.

I had doubts about posting it but found

many others on Pinterest and other blogs.

So here is my only shot of the inner sanctum of

Schonbrunn Palace.


 The back balcony.




Floral Friday17-0127_Schönbrunn Palace-2


Floral Friday Challenge.


Some more images taken…vienna_schonbrunn-palace_0034 in the gardens of…


Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.


A ll these are on a side garden before….

vienna_schonbrunn-palace_0030 reaching the back yard, so to speak.


All I can say is what a gorgeous archway walk.

vienna_schonbrunn-palace_0037And last but not least one of the flowers

growing over the archway.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Travel Theme-Walking




Travel Theme.


Walking in Vienna this week.


I was surprised at the amount of…


walking from point A to point B in all cities visited in Europe.


I don’t think these weary looking tourists…


realised how much walking there would be…

schonbrunn-palace_vienna_0040or how many steps there were to…schonbrunn-palace_vienna_0041reach the back balcony and this view…


 of the back yard of Schönbrunn Palace.


Where’s My Backpack: Walking