Black and White Challenge:



When we first moved to Geelong, or maybe before,

we noticed this art work at the bay end of Moorabool Street.


No-one we asked seemed to know if it had a name

or when it was put there,

so we coined the name

The Sharks Teeth‘.


It was not until last year that a camera club member asked

what I was talking about.

Upon explaining he burst out laughing with

I’ve heard it called a lot of things, but never sharks teeth


 Apparently they represent sails or sail boats.

This all makes sense as quite often there is a small flotilla

of sailing boats on the bay all crewed by children,

and therefore, I have not taken any photos of said boats

as they are usually close enough to shore

for the crew to be identified.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Perspective




Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Background

There have been many times during the past few years I have driven past these scenes and thought that I should bring a camera “one day”. Since commencing Blogging, in early April, photography has come to the forefront of my past times.

As a result my Nikon and I are beginning to understand each other a little better.

Cunningham Pier 3

The view across Corio Bay to Cunningham Pier and beyond, from The Esplanade, is ever-changing.

On public holidays the foreground is a hive of activity with families having a barbecue beneath the palm trees, to celebrate the holiday. While others congregate around activities at Cunningham Pier in the background.

Geelong Foreshore&Pier

If all is quiet on the pier there is, in all likelihood, going to be some activity over at the yacht club.

Cunningham Pier 2

As yet I still have not been to the restaurant at the far end of Cunningham Pier, nor can I am I old enough to remember when trams used to ply the length of the pier and continue on to and beyond the Central Business District.

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge ~ In the Background