A little over 18 months ago father-in-law moved…

…into a retirement village.

This meant that there was over 50 years

of collectibles to be thrown out or sold.

I volunteered to do what I thought would be

a relatively easy job of photographing and

listing on local Facebook groups.

I hadn’t counted on the abuse

and ‘no-shows’ for pick-ups which

some people threw at me. 

Or those ‘morons’ sorry if a bit harsh,

who quickly wrote ‘Sold, I’ll take it”

and were never heard from again. 

Still, they say you are never too old to learn.

These last two were my ‘gems’. 

Eldest Grand-daughter took the Pentax…

…and I have this piece of history

tucked away somewhere.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Retro