My first dog’s kennel.

The floor was an old hard wood door,

and I’m betting he corrugated iron

was once on a roof somewhere at our farm.

Then New accommodation was once pine trees.

The top ridging was once rocks mined

in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia

prior to being made into a building product.


December18 WitsEnd-Inspirations: Recycled





This was my pride and joy in about 1987/88.The floor is an old door and every other piece

was found on our newly acquired farm.

Now all followers who could be known as MGW

will probably think the same as MGW did.

She thought even less when I loaded it on

the trailer and moved it 200 kilometers

to our new home.


The passing of Ginger in 2015 and the acquisition

of two young dogs early 2016 saw three kennels

constructed similar to this one.

Now everyone is happy.


Thursday’s Special: Recycled